Comprehensive Lowerol Review: Should You Take a Chance on This Anti-Cholesterol Supplement?

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Lowerol is an all-natural product designed to lower cholesterol levels. It is obvious that you are curious about this food supplement that can help you manage your cholesterol since you are reading this comprehensive Lowerol review.

So what can you expect from this product from UK-based company Napiers?

Lowerol is said to mimic the action of statins in lowering cholesterol levels.

While statins are prescribed by some doctors for high cholesterol, there’s no denying the fact that it can cause side effects as well.

On the other hand, Lowerol can provide the same effects as statins but without the nasty side effects like headaches, nausea, and digestive problems.

What is Lowerol?Lowerol review

Lowerol has a unique formula that blends all-natural ingredients found to be effective in lowering cholesterol.

It comes in tablet form and should be taken once a day, preferably before bedtime.

If you have dangerously high levels of cholesterol, you can take up to two tablets a day—one in the morning and the other before hitting the sack.

It contains four natural ingredients that have been clinically proven effective in lowering bad cholesterol—red rice yeast, grape seed extract, policosanol, and coenzyme Q10.

Who Is It For?

Lowerol works best for people who:

  • Have high cholesterol but don’t want to take or use statins, fibrates, niacin and other cholesterol medications
  • Have high cholesterol but have incorporated lifestyle changes such as a low cholesterol diet and exercise
  • Want a more convenient and cheaper alternative to cholesterol medications

How Does It Work?

Most Lowerol reviews would mention and discuss the four key ingredients of the food supplement that are deemed effective in managing cholesterol.

Combining these ingredients in one pill makes Lowerol all the more potent in reducing high cholesterol.

The foremost ingredient of Lowerol is red rice yeast, which has been traditionally used by the Chinese for its therapeutic properties.

The effectiveness of red rice yeast to lower cholesterol is credited to the presence of the natural compounds called monocolins.

Clinical tests have shown that monocolins are effective in reducing bad cholesterol similar to the action of statins. One of thesestudies have shown that taking red rice yeast supplement for up to six months can lower cholesterol, particularly the low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.

Another ingredient of Lowerol is grape seed extract. Grapes have been known to have powerful oxidants that can protect the arteries and the heart. This is the reason why many health experts suggest drinking a glass of red wine a day.

In 2004, a study showed that grapes are rich in a compound called pterostilbene which can reduce trigylcerides and cholesterol.  There are also clinical tests that indicate grape extract can lower bad cholesterol by as much as 20 percent.

Policosanol is also found in Lowerol, and this  natural chemical derived from sugar cane has been proven efficient in breaking down and removing LDL cholesterol. In fact there are some studies that say policosanol is more effective in lowering cholesterol than some statins drugs.

In one study conducted in 1999, participants who had high cholesterol were given 10 mg of policosanol and 20 mg of the statins drug Lovastatin.

After a two-month period, it was revealed that policosanol limited bad cholesterol by 24 percent, better than the 22 percent reduction of Lovastatin.

The fourth and last ingredient of Lowerol is coenzyme Q10. A single pill of Lowerol only has 10 milligrams of this ingredient, but that is enough for the ingredient to assist in reducing cholesterol. Coenzyme Q10 increases the flow of cholesterol back to the liver for excretion. It basically helps Lowerol in maintaining the healthy levels of cholesterol in the body.

Lowerol ingredients and cholesterol lowering results

What Are Its Pros?

Lowerol is generally viewed as an effective cholesterol supplement. Aside from being valuable in lessening cholesterol, it provides the following advantages to its users:

  • Available in tablet form, Lowerol can be easily taken by people with high cholesterol.
  • There are no reported side effects of Lowerol, which is not surprising because it contains all natural ingredients.
  • Cheaper than other cholesterol medications especially statins.

What are Its Cons?

Perhaps the only disadvantage of Lowerol is that it is not available in drug stores like statins and other anti-cholesterol drugs.

If you’re wondering where to buy Lowerol, then you should know that it is only available online. You can visit the product’s official website, to order.

Lowerol Reviews: What Are Other People Saying About It?

Generally speaking, Lowerol is well rated by real people who have used it. Here are some of their comments:

“My doctor had warned me that he would ask me to take statins if I am not able to manage my high cholesterol in a month. I was not really looking forward to taking statins because my brother has told me how bad it is to use those drugs. But since I started using Lowerol, my cholesterol has returned to normal levels again.”- Ronald, 55

“I have slightly high cholesterol. I have tried to change my diet but that too has not made any difference. But when I used Lowerol, my cholesterol has slowly gotten back to normal levels. Now my doctor has told me there’s no need for me to take statins. I love Lowerol, it really works.”- Bob, 52

“I’ve been trying to lead a healthy lifestyle for years, ever since my doctor told me that my cholesterol has been increasing at an alarming pace. But I can say that Lowerol has complemented my healthy lifestyle better than other anti-cholesterol medications. And it is a lot cheaper than statins.”- Jerome, 44


If you are really interested in lowering your cholesterol and bringing it back to normal levels, you must give Lowerol a try. Unlike other cholesterol medications like statins, Lowerol won’t cause any side effects.

And as clinical studies have shown, the ingredients of Lowerol are as powerful, if not more powerful, than cholesterol lowering drugs in the market.

Any comprehensive Lowerol review would vouch for the potency of this food supplement in decreasing cholesterol. You can get lowerol from its producer Napier Herbalist website.

Buy Lowerol to lower your cholesterol

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