Does Instant Oatmeal Lower Cholesterol At All?

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Many studies have been done that have shown that oatmeal has the ability to lower cholesterol levels in people that are consuming this product on a regular basis. There is some question as to why this is true, and how much oatmeal you really need to eat if you want to see positive results. What the studies have shown us is that LDL-cholesterol levels, which is the so-called bad cholesterol, will be lowered and HDL cholesterol will remain the same. It is also true that oat bran can do the same, something that you probably would not expect. So how exactly do oats help achieve this goal?

How Oats Can Lower Cholesterol

low-cholesterol-dietOats have the ability to lower cholesterol because they consist primarily of soluble fiber. Although it is not known why this works, it is thought that by digesting fiber, which will decompose into a sticky and pliable substance, it can actually stick to the cholesterol, preventing it from being absorbed into your bloodstream from the small intestines. In doing this, all of the cholesterol that you would typically consume that would be absorbed into the bloodstream is taken out of the body as waste. However, is there any evidence that can support the fact that oatmeal is actually doing this? Let’s take a look at what some other studies have said about this.

Evidence In Favor Of Oatmeal Lowering Cholesterol

First of all, you have to assume that this is a claim that is true because the FDA has actually stated that it is true since 1997. Since the FDA has said this, many products are represented as being heart healthy, specifically products that have oatmeal. Additional studies have shown that oats, if they are combined with other similar foods that can lower cholesterol, they can have a significant effect. Many journals have reported that oatmeal could actually do better at lowering cholesterol levels, and then cholesterol lowering pharmaceuticals.

Incorporating Oatmeal Into Your Diet

This is probably the easiest thing to do. It doesn’t take much time at all and could potentially help you imageslower your cholesterol levels to the best levels of your life. By simply adding this to your breakfast, usually about a cup full, it is possible to start seeing these fantastic results. It has also been recommended by the American diabetic Association as a way of lowering blood sugar levels naturally. It is recommended that adults have 25 g of fiber every day, and by adding a minimum of 1 cup of oatmeal to your daily diet, you can start to see some positive results.

How Soon Will You See Results?

The results that you will be able to obtain will depend upon how much cholesterol you have already built up into your body. It also necessitates a change in your diet so that you are not adding as much cholesterol to your diet as you are taking out with the oatmeal. It really does come down to having a healthy diet, and choosing the right types of food to eat. If you are already taking pharmaceutical drugs to handle this cholesterol problem that you are dealing with right now, your doctor may recommend lowering the dosage after you have been taking oatmeal every morning for a couple weeks, giving it time to help clear out your system. It will also benefit you as you are eating other foods such as having a healthy breakfast with berries and soy milk with your oatmeal in the morning. You will start to feel better, and once you get your test results back from the doctor about your LDL-cholesterol levels, you will be motivated to stay on this diet because of how low your bad cholesterol levels will be.

Additional Ways To Incorporate Oatmeal

images (2)There are several different ways that you can add oatmeal to your diet, which will include creating a smoothie. All you need is a half a cup of oats, and add in your favorite fruit, such as a banana or Apple, and also add some almonds to the mix to have a very healthy way to start your day. Oats also go very well with salads, and you can create porridge mixing in cinnamon powder and honey. Finally, you can make oatmeal cookies, which may not be the healthiest way to get this type of fiber into your diet, but it’s definitely a great treat.

Once you have started on a diet that includes plenty of oats, you will be looking at a much healthier way of living. Most people do not understand how important it is to have proper amounts of fiber in your diet to lower cholesterol levels, and by adding oatmeal every day, you will start to see those levels drop significantly. There is really no way to find out whether or not oatmeal is going to lower your cholesterol until you actually added to your diet. Once you have been on it for several weeks, and you go back to the doctor, your tests should completely show that your cholesterol levels are better than ever, specifically with your HDL cholesterol higher and your LDL cholesterol lower. All you have to do to get started is go to your local store, get your instant oatmeal packets in your favorite flavors and start to enjoy all of these benefits. It doesn’t matter if you are using oatmeal that is raw without sugar, or if you’re using flavored oatmeal from the tiny packets, you will be able to benefit by having better cholesterol levels by eating this every day.

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