How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally: Revealing the Alternative Solutions to Prescription Cholesterol Medications

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Are your cholesterol numbers too high? Has your doctor warned about your rising cholesterol levels, and you’re not inclined to take medications like statins, at least for the moment? Then it’s time to learn how to lower cholesterol naturally by reading this article.

Your doctor may have told you about the risks of high cholesterol, particularly how it can cause heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. And while you can always opt to take medications that can lower cholesterol, you may have heard the side effects of taking these drugs.

For example, statins like Crestor, Lescol, Lipitor, and Zocor are known to cause side effects such as nausea, constipation, diarrhea, muscle soreness, and cramps. You could also feel pain and weakness after using one of these statins.

Niacin is no different, as it can cause high blood sugar, vomiting, nausea, How to Lower Cholesterol Naturallydiarrhea, facial and neck flushing, and gout.

Also, cholesterol-lowering medications are not always effective. Statins are not 100% effective in preventing heart diseases due to high cholesterol, according to a research made by British experts.

It’s not surprising that many people who have high cholesterol are more interested in the natural ways to lower cholesterol.  The good news is that most doctors agree that lowering cholesterol naturally is a lot better than taking medications.

Moreover, there are a lot of natural cholesterol cure options that you can try– from making lifestyle changes to eating foods known to lower cholesterol to taking certain supplements.

Lifestyle Changes

The American Heart Association says making lifestyle changes may be all you need to manage cholesterol and lower your risks of cardiovascular diseases, which kill more than 2,000 Americans daily.

There are several changes that you can now start incorporating in your lifestyle.  One of these is maintaining a heart-healthy diet. Avoid foods that are teeming in cholesterol such as processed foods, eggs, butter, sausages, cheese, and cake. Instead, eat more fruits and vegetables as well as poultry, fish, nuts, and low dairy products.

Another important lifestyle change that you ought to do right away is to get moving. Spending just 40 minutes a day for aerobic exercises like running, swimming, brisk walking, and dancing can go a long way towards preventing heart disease and stroke.

Quit smoking, if you have been hooked on the habit for years. At the same time, avoid exposure to second-hand smoke.

Try Food Supplements

You can also try using certain herbs that are known to fight off cholesterol. For example, you can consume oatmeal instead of fried eggs in the morning. Oats are rich in fiber especially beta glucan which can bind with cholesterol circulating in the blood.

Garlic is another herb that is popular around the world for its ability to lower cholesterol. In 2000 a study was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine journal which revealed that garlic can lower cholesterol of people with elevated cholesterol levels.

Not only does garlic prove effective in lowering LDL cholesterol, the smelly superfood has also been associated with increased levels of good or HDL cholesterol.

Of coTry Food Supplementsurse, you don’t need to chomp on a clove of garlic in order to gain its wonderful benefits. Just adding more garlic into your meals like sprinkling chopped garlic onto salad or using it to garnish soups should be enough.

Soybean oil or vegetable oiland corn oil are two other known cholesterol busters. These plant oils are rich in phytosterols or plant sterols that have the ability to hinder the body’s absorption of cholesterol found in the foods you consume. These compounds are also known to boost the cholesterol-fighting effects of statin drugs.

You can add soybean oil and corn oil to your meals such as salad dressings and crackers. You can also eat more fruits and vegetables legumes, nuts, and grains as these are rich in sterols that are active in soybean oil and corn oil.

Another natural cholesterol cure is brown rice. If you’re not familiar with this food, it is merely rice that has not been completely processed. This rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. You can consume brown rice instead of the traditional white rice if you intend to lower your cholesterol levels.

And then there’s green tea, the super drink that has been associated with numerous health benefits from weight loss to lowering cholesterol. Studies have shown that people who drink green tea are more likely to have lower cholesterol than those who do not. Green tea’s ability to block cholesterol from being absorbed in the intestines may be the key.

Finally, there’s red yeast.  It is rich in the compound lovastatin, the same ingredient that is marketed as the prescription drug Mevacor. Lovastatin reduces cholesterol production in the liver.

Lowerol – a natural alternative

You can also try using the food supplement called Lowerol which has been getting a lot of rave reviews for its ability to effectively lower cholesterol in the body. Lowerol vs. statins is actually a heated debate right now, with the former stealing the thunder so to speak from the latter which used to be known as the most preferred medication for lowering cholesterol.

Part of that would definitely be due to the effectiveness of Lowerol in reducing cholesterol in the body sans the side effects that statin drugs are notorious for.

Lowerol consists of all-natural ingredients that are known to fight cholesterol like red yeast. It also has grape seed extract which is known to reduce LDL cholesterol in the arteries by delaying oxidation, one of the main contributing factors to LDL cholesterol build up in the body.

Lowerol cholesterol supplementAnd it has policosanol, a natural extract that occurs in sugar cane and which is said to be more effective in reducing cholesterol compared to some statin drugs.

You can start by taking one capsule of Lowerol before hitting the sack. If you have dangerously high cholesterol levels, you can increase the dosage to twice a day—one in the morning and then another before bedtime.

Indeed, taking Lowerl is one of up-and-coming solutions for people wanting to know how to lower cholesterol naturally.

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