Blood Pressure and Alcohol

Alcohol can be toxic if abused and can put your health in danger. One of the adverse effects of alcohol abuse is that it causes hypertension (high blood pressure). In order to avoid such dangers, you need to stick to sensible drinking limits. However if you feel that you cannot stick to drinking sensible limits, the best thing would be to stop drinking alcohol altogether. Otherwise you could be ushering in ill-health and early death in your life.

Hypertension Explained

What alcohol does is that it creates a force in the flow of your blood as it passes through the arteries. To make that clear, it is similar to water at a certain flowing through a hose that is connected to a tap. Now the water pressure will depend on how fully the tap is opened. Similarly, your heart is the pump that pushes the blood to the rest parts of the body, and this is very vital for your survival.

When in good health, your heart normally pumps the blood at moderate pressure, and this keeps arteries in tiptop condition. However, the blood pressure inside the arteries can be too high such that as the blood flow around the body it goes causing damages to different parts of the body. While your body can manage high levels of blood pressure, it becomes damaging if the condition persists for long.