Blood Pressure and Alcohol

Stopping Suddenly After Long-term Use

While stopping taking alcohol could be the solution to your high blood pressure, a regular drinker of excessive amounts of alcohol should not stop drinking it suddenly. This is because, doing so can cause a further dangerous spike in blood pressure. In order to avoid the blood pressure increase, it is advisable that you taper off slowly. If you are planning to stop drinking alcohol suddenly, then be sure to consult your doctor for advice. Stopping drinking alcohol under the care of a doctor can really drop your blood pressure.

Dangers of Hypertension

High blood pressure has serious implications to your health. Normally, the effects of hypertension occur gradually over time without the victim noticing any problem. Some of the dangers associated with high blood pressure are:

• If the pressure of the blood flowing through arteries is too high, then you are at risk of having the cells in the lining of your arteries damaged. Damaged lining of the arteries develops a thick coating that creates a favorable environment for fat accumulation. This can lead to blockages and eventually death.
• Hypertension weakens the walls of arteries leading to an aneurysm.
• It leads to arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, and heart attacks.
• High blood pressure leads to a stroke.
• Hypertension can lead to dementia as the brain is not getting enough blood.
• Hypertension can also cause eye problems.

If you are a heavy drinker and would want to stop taking alcohol, see a doctor to advise you on how to stop alcohol drinking safely. If you have never taken even a sip, don’t start drinking it just because of its positive effects on blood pressure, especially when taken in small amounts.